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Welcome on THE Biggest Mural DATABASE in the world.

You can look 6700 murals around the world.

Unfortunately, only this page is written in English,
the rest of the website is in French. On the bright side, you don't need to speak French to look at pictures.

On this website, there is nothing to sell, or to buy, however it does promote the Artists who created, and still create murals.
The goal that we set is to make you discover France and Europe by focusing on elements from our everyday
life which are sometimes so obvious and so present that we look through them and miss out on their richness.

This website is updated every day. To watch the new murals added  >>CLICK HERE



There is more than two hundred murals in this French city

Clet Abraham


New card on the site :All PARIS MURALS in one glance   >>See the map


The 6700 murals
The 6700 murals are classified according to various themes

 - Trompe-l'oeil
 - Murals
 - Children mural
 - Graffitis -Street Art
 - Disappeared

 - Removable
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French map
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The is many street-art murals on this website


Los Angeles (USA)
More than hundred murals of this city   >>Los Angeles



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New murals

Last website update  March 26 th 16

43 900 pictures et 6723 murals. 
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The most beautiful murals of this website.
This album will allow you to discover the most beautiful frescoes of this site

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La base mondiale de l'art mural
 avec des réalisations
du monde entier.

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